Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hail Caesar, Punic Wars

I know the Punic War AAR's seem to be popping up every day, I thought I would post my recent game playing Hail Caesar. This is only my third game of HC but I am liking the game. We played a fairly large game with 28 units for the Romans at 611 pts and 26 for the Carthaginians at 560 pts.

My only concern is that battle can sometimes be very decisive, this can be a good thing because large games can be resolved fairly quickly which I like. This game was played for 2.5 hrs and would've been resolved in 3 hrs if my opponent didn't have to leave early. Yet on a few occasions one unit was wiped out in one turn. I think I am going to use large units more often so that some units have longer staying power. The description of the battle is in the picture captions:

Carthaginian OOB

Roman OOB

Romans Legions on the right and the Carthaginians on the left.

The Gauls on the Carthaginian right wing

The Carthaginian left wing with Libyan and Spanish infantry along the Cavalry

Two Roman Legions along with the auxilliaries.

On the Roman right the Latin cavalry gets peppered by the Numidian javelins.

One of the Roman legions blunders and runs into the auxilliaries, while the Roman legion on the right advances towards the Spanish and Libyan infantry.

Roman legion faces off against Punic cavalry.

On the Roman left wing the Auxilliary cavalry faces off against the Gaul and Spanish cavalry of the Carthaginians.

The Carthaginian Gauls advance towards the Roman Auxilliaries on the Roman left wing.

Romans clash with the Spanish infantry in the middle.

The last turn of the game because my opponent had to leave early. The Roman legion was on the verge of breaking yet the Spanish had been pushed back significantly so another round or two and the game could've gone either way. We called it a draw but I think the Carthaginians had the edge.