Monday, 26 December 2011

Huge Battle of Ligny

I dropped by the home of my long-time friend over the holidays. He had a Ligny game set up with 1/72 scale miniatures. The pictures don't do the set up justice, it is truly stunning to see in person, the table is about 20' long and there are probably 2000+ miniatures on it (though I didn't actually count). This is the way I grew up playing wargames:


  1. JJM,
    Hmmm the Big One!
    Looks alone could (will) cause wargamer fever!

    1/72nd scale I assume? Lots of color.....and who cares if the game takes a week to play.

    Brings back memories of some long ago games....once 2600x 25mm miniatures for one game. Modern gamers either have a "lusting" attack and eat dice to play these games....or run in terror on the thought of "massed gaming" with more than 300 on table miniatures.

    Michael aka WR

  2. Excellent thanks for posting these pictures, it would good to know more about how your friend decided how much of the field to portray and how he managed the scale issues involved.

    Garry Wills

  3. Great stuff! Given the fact that the Ligny battlefield was about 5 times the Waterloo battlefield, this is one the battles that are hard to wargame size wise in a larger scale anyway!

  4. wargamerabbit, yes those are 1/72.

    Garry, if my friend comes around the blog or TMP he may answer those questions.